Dose of sleeping pills dangerous to life and health

Dose of sleeping pills dangerous to life and health sleeping pill


Dose of sleeping pills dangerous to life and health

Learn about the most dangerous drugs and dosages of sleeping pills. And also about the main causes, signs and effects of an overdose of sleeping pills.

Good and healthy sleep is a guarantee of well-being and longevity. Sleepy person is always full of strength and energy, so it is easy to give him the most difficult things. Chronic lack of sleep threatens major health problems, so if you have insomnia you should drink a good sleeping pill a few minutes before sleep, which normalizes sleep and restores the functioning of the nervous system. Before buying a sleeping pill, you need to know what kind of pills, how to take them and what effect they have. Do not forget that sleeping pills can cause poisoning, prevention of which is the correct dosage and medication with a normal shelf life.

Sleeping pills Hypnotic drugs are included in the group of psychoactive drugs that are used for the early onset of prolonged sleep. In addition, these medicines are often used for anesthesia. Scientists and pharmacists call hypnotics hypnotics, which relax and soothe.

Going sonata sleep to the pharmacy, you should know what kind of sleeping pills can be used for adults, children and the elderly!

Today, pharmaceutical companies produce various drugs that have a hypnotic effect.

Their classification is based on the active substance and chemical structure. All hypnotics are conditionally divided into two large groups:

1. With the addition of drugs.

2. Non-narcotic drugs.

The first group includes barbiturates and aliphatic compounds, and the second group includes such drugs:

• histamine receptor blockers;

• GABA derivatives;

• benzodiazepines and nebenzodiazepines.

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Disturbed sleep, the medicine for which you can buy at any pharmacy, is fraught with health problems. There are many reasons for lack of sleep, among which should be highlighted:

• frequent stress;

• problems at work and in the family;

• moving to another country;

• psychological disorders;

• sudden lifestyle changes and more.

Action sleeping pills

Each sleeping pill has not one, but several actions. For example, benzodiazepines, in addition to the hypnotic effect, eliminate anxiety and have antiepileptic effect. They greatly accelerate the process of falling asleep and increase the duration of rest. The calming effect of sleeping pills and provoking sleepiness help a person recover and normalize sleep. However, it is impossible to take such drugs for a long time, as they have a lot of similar effects, for example:

• constant drowsiness;

• headaches;

• mental disorders;

• addictive;

• dry mouth and stuff.

When buying any sleeping pills for sound sleep, you need to consult with your doctor, since the vast majority of medicines of this group are released in pharmacies without a prescription.

Self-prescribing dosages can provoke drug poisoning and even death!

It should be noted that most H1-blockers have a long-lasting effect on the body, which does not end even after a good rest. They can cause not only lethargy, but also inhibition in the morning.

Sleeping pills for the elderly

Many elderly people suffer from insomnia, so they are often prescribed sleeping pills. Today, you can buy the drug in a pharmacy without a prescription for the elderly, but before that you should still visit a doctor. As the human body ages, there are more cases of disturbed dreams, and this applies to both women and men. Sleep disorder in older people occurs for the following reasons:

• age disorders of the “sleep-wakefulness” cycle;

• malfunction of the internal clock;

• reducing the amount of melatonin C, which produces endocrine gland;

• overweight;

• the presence of chronic ailments and so on.

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Sleeping pills in tablets, a list of drugs that can be found on the Internet, is the most appropriate, as it is available in the right doses and just to use. If necessary, the pill can be easily divided into several parts, since in old age the dosage of sleeping pills should be reduced.

No prescription sleeping pills

It is important to understand that most drugs for the normalization of sleep are available without a prescription, but despite this, they carry a direct threat to life. Taking them not according to the scheme, a person may simply not wake up.

Sleeping pills without prescriptions for fast sleep is prescribed in the following cases:

• with frequent night awakenings;

• with shallow and superficial sleep;

• in the absence of desire to sleep;

• with difficult falling asleep.

Most modern synthetic drugs, the active substance of which is melatonin (an artificial analogue of the sleep hormone) or ethanolamines, are sold without a prescription. The most harmless and safe for the human body are drugs based on melatonin, as they do not provoke dependence. In addition, this group of drugs perfectly relieves insomnia and has virtually no side effects.

As for ethanolamines, they require a more responsible approach. Overdose can cause death, in addition, these hypnotics have side effects and many contraindications. When choosing a sleeping pill in pharmacies without a prescription, you should remember that the list of drugs that can be taken without a doctor’s prescription includes only a few dozen hypnotics.

Sleep without sleeping pills

Taking pills to speed sleep is a cardinal method of dealing with insomnia, which in many cases can be managed on its own. To do this, you need to revise your diet, day regimen and lifestyle. Sleep deterioration is caused by:

• uncomfortable bed;

• wrong posture during rest;

Dose of sleeping pills dangerous to life and health sleeping pill

• physical activity before bedtime, which provokes the excitability of the body;

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• long work at the computer, especially in the evening;

• eating before bedtime.

Despite the availability of drugs in pharmacies that are sold without a prescription and help cope with the lack of sleep, you can overcome the disease, observing the correct mode of rest and wakefulness.

How much can you take the drug?

Most drugs that have a sedative effect, are addictive and can even provoke poisoning. To avoid this, you need to find the drug in pharmacies and study in detail the instructions for use, paying particular attention to the dosage and duration of administration. As a rule, the strongest hypnotics take no more than three weeks, and easily acting drugs can be taken no more than a month. If insomnia occurs from time to time, then you need to cope with it yourself.

What drugs are better to take? If you have a sleep disorder, you can take drugs that have a mild sedative effect. These include:

• Melaxen;

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• Novo-Passit;

• Persen;

• Afobazol and others.

Some of these drugs are soothing, because sleep disturbance is most often associated with increased excitability and problems in the nervous system. Knowing what drugs you can buy for a strong and long rest, you can without any harm to the body and vital systems to establish the work of the central nervous system and normalize sleep.

Tolerated dose

The correct dosage of sleep drugs is contained in the package insert. The maximum daily dose is calculated based on the stage of insomnia, the age of the patient, his lifestyle and the presence of chronic diseases, as some pills are contraindicated in diabetes, heart problems and other ailments. The most dangerous barbiturates are considered to be hypnotics of the first and second generation, the use and dosage of the pill are best known from a specialist. For example, a lethal dose of such drugs is 0.1 g per 1 kg of weight.

How to calculate the dose?

Every sensible person can correctly calculate the dose of sleeping pills, but it is best to consult a doctor who knows exactly what dose for adults is the safest. For example, older people cannot be carried away by psychotropic and sleeping drugs, the dose of which must be reduced.

In order to completely eliminate the risk of drug poisoning for sleep, you should follow these rules:

• do not use expired pills;

• drink medicines with water only;

• completely eliminate alcohol;

• Carefully read the instructions for use, which indicates what dose to give to children, adults and the elderly.

Consequences of overdose

Knowing what an overdose is, how many pills you need to drink in order to fall asleep, and what dose is acceptable, you can permanently solve the problem of sleeping in the safest way for yourself. An overdose of sleeping pills most often occurs as a result of inattention and neglect of their health.

Also, often people with an unstable psyche and a desire to commit suicide deliberately exceed the permissible dose. This entails the following consequences:

• inflammation of the lungs due to the large load on the kidneys and bed rest;

• septic disorders;

• dependence on pills;

• various disorders, such as bullous dermatitis;

• psycho-emotional instability;

• excessive aggression;

• decrease in mental activity;

• increased excitability;

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• death.

It is important to know that at the last stage death causes an overdose, the cause of which lies in the cessation of the work of the internal organs. The main symptoms of the fourth stage of overdose include respiratory failure and palpitations.

Signs of overdose

Overdose of drugs to improve sleep is expressed in the following:

• drowsiness;

• lethargy;

• seizures;

• incoordination;

• rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath;

• problems with speech. A man speaks each word for a long time and “stretches out” as it were;

• pressure drops sharply.

Some people want to know if there may be an overdose of drugs with a weak hypnotic effect? Experts are unanimous that any pills, even the most seemingly harmless at first glance, can be poisoned if taken incorrectly.

Causes of overdose

Among the main causes of overdose of hypnotic drugs emit:

• inattention and banal error. The patient may simply forget how many pills to drink and what kind of overdose is fatal;

• unwillingness to live;

• negligence of parents who left the pills in a place visible and accessible to children;

• taking pills with alcohol;

• with intolerance of the active component.

Helping with poisoning

In case of poisoning, everyone should know what to accept, as timely assistance can save a person’s life!

Before the arrival of doctors, who need to be called at the first suspicion of an overdose, you should ingest activated charcoal, a few liters of water and induce vomiting, if possible.

You also need:

• constantly talk with the person and do not let him lose consciousness;

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• find out what drugs and in what quantities he took.

Any poisoning symptoms and treatment will be almost the same, since the most important thing is to bind the poison in the stomach and cause vomiting. If poisonous substances have already entered the intestine, then laxative can be taken for their early elimination.

What to drink in case of poisoning? In the pharmacy, you can buy different drugs from poisoning, which serve to remove the absorbed barbiturates and neutralize their negative effects. If such medicines are not at hand, then ordinary water will help in this case, with which poisoning can be quickly overcome.

With intoxication should drink:

• 1-2 liters of water;

• diuretics;

• milk.

Home treatment of poisoning is to provide first aid, which may depend on the life of the victim.

What to eat after poisoning? As a rule, after intoxication, practically nothing can be eaten. The first day shows abundant drinking and bed rest.

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